PTE Academic Test Structure—Speaking and Writing

It is extremely necessary for students from non-native English-speaking countries to be proficient in English for them to apply for Universities and immigration to other native English-speaking countries like the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia etc. For such a role, they need an aptitude test that will give them the necessary edge in English. This test is the most popular proficiency test ever since it came, it is called Pearson Test of English, short for PTE. Pearson Test of English has many sections with different structures, but the one structure of a section that students need to familiarize themselves with is the first one, which is called Pearson Speaking and Writing Exam Structure.

Test Format of Pearson Test of English (PTE)

The test format of PTE Academic Test will need a student’s undivided attention to succeed in it. The first thing you need to do is to go to a Pearson test center. There you will use a headset and a computer to read, listen, and respond to a variety of questions.

The test will last 3 hours, and there will be three main parts that you need to thoroughly understand the structure of if you want to secure good marks in it. These three main parts are speaking and writing (together), while the other two parts that are listening and reading will be separate. There will be 20 different diverse question formats which will range from MCQs to interpreting information through images, voice, and text to essay writing.

Structure of Part1: Speaking and Writing

The Pearson Speaking and Writing Exam Structure is divided into 4 sections, which are the following:

Section 1:

  • Personal introduction

Section 2:

  • Reading aloud
  • Repeating sentences
  • Describing images
  • Re-telling a lecture
  • Answering short questions

Section 3:

  • Summarize written text

Section 4:

  • Essay (20 mins)

In the first part, you will be tested on your writing and speaking skills. The time to do this will be anywhere from 75-95 minutes, give or take.

Section 1:

This section is all about yourself. In this section, you will have to carefully tell the details about your interests, goals, and reasons to study abroad in English. Every word you say will be recorded so make sure you are speaking naturally and fluently as possible. This section of the test will be given to the Universities and to the foreign embassies where you want to apply for studies or immigration.

Section 2:

In this section, you will have to read and repeat sentences aloud and the system will scan your fluency. You will have to describe an image, and give a summary of a lecture and finally, you will have to answer questions.

Section 3:

In the third section, you will be given a text, and all you will have to do is summarize it.

Section 4:

The final section will require you to write an essay on a given topic. You will be given 20 minutes to do this.

ThisPearson Speaking and Writing Exam Structurewill greatly benefit you when you take the exam.

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Magnificent Towing services across Shreveport city

Shreveport towing Company is the top leading company with quality service and pretty customer care for people around Shreveport. Towing Shreveport services are a full and complete service towing company. We have a fleet of modern and specialized tow vehicles and equipment. Any type of vehicle can be handled by our technicians. All types of vehicles from small cars to multimillion dollar vehicles can be given our tow assistance. We take pride in saying about the manpower we have. We have incredible work force, drivers, mechanics and technicians who execute the given task with utmost care and with quick response. They are licensed, insured, authenticated and certified technicians. All have many years of experience and are well trained. They show full efforts, commitment and dedication in their work. Our professional team will be uniformed and with modern equipment, safety and efficient execution of towing and recovery process could be done.tow truck shreveport

Towing Shreveport main intention is to keep everyone moving. We always be thriving for advancement and ease of rendering services by buying new equipment, adapting to latest technology and ongoing various staff training events. Our trained staffs are highly talented and are able to manage and handle any type of vehicle that includes light, medium and heavy-duty tow trucks and special vehicles. We also have an equipped emergency response trailer which is outfitted with air cushion recovery equipment in case of a roll-over. Moreover we provide round the clock service. We also maintain scalable reporting collection which is customized for every customer. Our towing vehicles are equipped with GPS and hands-free voice communication system that helps for accurate tracking and getting status updates.

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Lose Weight by Simply Changing Some of Your Habits


Our Habits make our lifestyles

Our lifestyle determines many things about us. Our lifestyle and our habits will lead how our health will be and how our future is going to turn out to be. Our every habit has an impact on our health. If we get on crash diets, and do exercises but still are not losing weight then that means somewhere, some of our habits are not right. By modifying our habits, a little bit, we can get utmost results from our weight loss routine. Weightlosstop can help us a lot in this regard.

Changing our sleep pattern

One of the major changes in our habit we should bring is sleeping properly. If you and your friends follow same weight loss schedule, but you are not getting as much sleep as he is, you will not a loss as much weight as he will. If we sleep for 8 hours, we will be fit and healthy. Research shows that one of the reasons for the increase in weight is late-night munching, so if we sleep throughout the night, we can minus this thing. We also burn calories while sleeping. When your body is well-rested, it will burn more calories than a tired body. So, by changing our sleeping pattern, we can lose weight in a better way.

Changing our eating habits

Secondly, we should reduce the size of our food servings. We can start using smaller plates so that we have lesser food and decrease the number of times we have food to our plates. We should know when to say “no” to more food. Even if we are enjoying the food, we should stop eating more than just to curb our basic hunger. Never eat to the fullest as it will make it difficult for your stomach to digest the food. Eating food slowly helps the food to be digested better than eating fast.

Every meal is important

Plan your meals in a better and modified way. Instead of skipping a meal, eat a little bit of food after regular interval. Firstly, your breakfast should be proper – it should contain protein to charge you up for the day. Dinner should be the lightest meal as you have to sleep after it, and it will give less time to food to digest. If we eat after some intervals, the food will easily be burned during our activities of the day. By skipping the meal, we only increase our chance of eating more eventually. Brush your teeth after dinner, so that even if you want to eat anything after dinner, your clean teeth will not let you.

Increasing water intake

Increasing water intake will be beneficial for us too, as it will flush out all the toxins out of our body and will debloat it. Water will be the best replacement for out-of-the-time food cravings and will make our skin and body healthy.

Just by modifying our habits to better, we can give a new boost to our weight loss regimen. Our habits make us, so try to make your habits constructive and healthy. Try Weightlosstop for more help.

Fix HOMERoof Leaks Right the First Time

A flow can be a very annoying thing to offer with by using an RV roof structure. It can make life hard in an HOME and can cause the RV to flood after a while unless the leak is actually set in time. That’s why it is so important to look into ways how RV roof leaks can be fixed. The best ways to fix escapes can entail many factors to make certain your roof is sealed with the right compound like liquid applied roofing systems Liquid.liquid applied roofing systems

The first consideration is to think about how precisely an EPDM surface is probably used in your RV to make it strong and secure. This can be a compound that is constantly used in many roof coatings to make it easier for your surface to stay intact. 2 weeks. Light-weight material that are designed for all sorts of conditions and will not shift or modify itself based on the conditions in the surroundings.

However, an EPDM surface can also come with a body that might be subjected to punctures or small leaks after a while. This is especially the case as the top ages in time.

There is especially the risk that the inside of your HOME could develop mold if a leak is not fixed in time. The moisture from a drip can spread into the RV and cause form to be more likely to develop in all areas around the area, thus so that it is risky and dangerous to the complete area.

You will have to add a compound to your RV roofing surface to keep it from seeping any further. This can be used if the roof covering leak is in either the central part of your roof or is near one of the edges around the factors of the RV.

You are going to have to clean off of the surface of your RV leak to keep it intact. You’ll certainly be adding the compound inside your HOME so you will be needing to be sure it is as spending comfortable as possible when applying something the right way.

Next, the homeleak must be set by using a brush to apply the sealant. This could be added after the sealant is properly merged and able to be added.

You might need to utilize a tape surface onto the RV drip when you apply the sealant into it. A tape can be added to close up the body of the RV so the leak will not likely get to be any larger or deeper than it already was. In addition, a roof leak can be fixed by making sure the sealant will stay up in the spot for a few days so it can solidify. The need to add the tape over it will need so the surface will carry on and stay strong without anything being added to it.liquid applied roofing systems

A person offer with RV roof leakages for a while if you use the right liquid applied roofing systems to keep a space sturdy. This kind of must work immediately which means that your RV will not become prone to the many problems that often include RV leaks in a place

How to get a perfect looking clutch?

So how can you know that your chosen clutch is perfectly in synchronization with your outfit? It is better than keep in mind certain tips when you buy a clutch for yourself so that you can get the confirmation that your chosen clutch shall go perfectly with your outfit. It always happens that right accessories can make your outfit to look wonderful more or they can also break your outfit look. There should be a balance with your accessories starting from hats, shoes, clutches. Check out these factors that will help you that how one can select a right and correct clutch purse for her self! Even if you are doing clutches online shopping, keep these tips in your mind:

Size of your clutch should match with your body type

First consider your body type, then select and buy a clutch according to that! It is true, clutches are by nature, they are obviously smaller in size purses but at times they come in different and varied shapes and sizes. Your clutch size should be at the proportionate level with your body type. If you are a taller individual then you can go for the bit larger looking in size clutch.

Select The Most Appropriate Color While Buying a Clutch

Your clutch color and outfit color should match with each other. Both of these shades should compliment each other. Whatever color you are choosing for your clutch and whatever color your outfit is having, there has to be a relation in that! The best way is to go for neutral color clutches because they can look appropriate and super best on most of the dresses. Getting a simple and black in color clutch, it will look superb. Even getting a red clutch or having a neutral brown in shade clutch, such clutches will go and compliment your range of outfits.

Versatility Factor in Your Clutch

While buying a clutch, look for the versatility factor. Get that clutch which you can wear in varied and different styles. You can have the clutch which is available in a multitude and bunch of colors, glitzy gold clutches, and neutral cognac clutches, appealing clutches present in some eye-popping prints, all of these styles look versatile in their own sense.

Quality Material Factor

A good quality is always well and perfects from its construction point of view. It is true, a well-constructed clutch, it can last and retain for the much longer time as compared to a flimsy looking one clutch. Have those clutches that look versatile, durable, get those clutches that can easily withstand your hectic and day-to-day routine.

Stay tuned and further, we have belly necklace variations and latest trends for you.


Maintaining, sharpening a bowie knife- How to do it?

It is easier to sharp these Damascus bowie knives, you only need to know the correct technique to do so. At times, to maintain and to sharpen a bowie knife, it does come out a challenging task even for most of the experienced people. Note that any kind of bowie knives, they require and need a regular sharpening. You can use a whetstone or you can go for commercial sharpening kit to sharpen these knives. You will need oil, whetstone, professional in form sharpening kit and dishwashing liquid to sharpen your knife. Below are complete instructions to carry out this sharpening process:

Inspecting angle of your edge

First, you have to carry out the inspection of the angle of your edge.  As soon as you are ready to sharpen a bowie knife then you need to duplicate the angle as much closely as possible. If you think that it is necessary then you can also use a professional sharpener. This professional sharpener comes with angle increments.

Placing blade of your bowie knife right on whetstone

Now you have to place this blade of your bowie knife right on the whetstone and that too at some appropriate angle. Before you start this process to do the sharpening of your bowie knife, you have to ensure that this whetstone of yours has been lubricated properly. If not then you can lubricate it with an appropriate solution. This lubrication is important, otherwise, Whetstone will destroy edge of your knife.

Exerting and putting pressure on your knife

After this, you have to exert and put up pressure on your bowie knife. Just try to draw it right along the whetstone. Now just flip blade of your knife over and have an inspection of its angle, sharpen it. You should be making two passes on each and every side. Try to switch sides and then you can repeat this sharpening process.

Testing your knife edge

Now you can test the edge of your knife by just cutting it through on a piece of paper. If that paper will not going to be crumpled, then your bowie knife has been properly and completely sharpened. Do not over-sharpen your bowie knife, it can then make its edge little bit of brittle. Do wash up the whetstone with some dishwashing fluid.

To sharpen your Damascus folding knives, this is the same process which you need to carry and follow. This is an easy procedure by which you can regularly maintain and sharp any kind of knives of yours.


Blood Clean up Companies work and service

If you are reading this article then you probably faced the problems of blood stains in your house. There are several reasons you can get blood stains on your house. The homicide, suicide, blood stains are most daunting and require to clean immediately. There are some companies in Oakland that you can hire to remove the blood marks from your house. The Blood Clean up Companies provides you best quality services to remove dirt marks and other biohazards.blood clean up companies Oakland, california

The place that covers full of blood stains are very haunting and no one will able to live here. If you want to rent the house then you should provide them clean house without the blood stains. Hence hiring the services of Blood Clean up Companies can better help you in these cases. There are professional cleaners available that can work best to remove all kinds of blood stains from your house. Here are some of other things you need to know about these companies.

Things you need to know about Blood Clean up Companies:

  • The California is a place where you can regularly see the cases of suicidal or homicide conditions. If your house or some of your relative’s house has this condition then you can call Blood Clean up Companies to clean up the entire house. There are several problems you can face with blood stains inside house. They can decompose sometimes and these biohazards can harm your health.
  • The Blood clean up companies in Oakland has wide importance in offering the cleaning solutions in California. You can hire them to clean the place with blood and other stains. There are several services offered with this company and hence you can hire them on any of the required service. Their main services include blood clean ups, homicide cleanings, suicide cleanings, crime scene cleanings, hoarding cleanings, and so on.
  • The blood cleanings include several things to consider that can best give with the Blood Clean up Companies in Oakland. They has official website through which you can hire their services. Filling the request form on their websites is the best option to hire their services. Here you need to give the details about place and service you require on particular service.blood clean up companies Oakland, california
  • The Blood Clean up Companies will later call you and find out the other required details about cleaning in your house. The professional cleaners will reach your house and provide the cleaning services. These people has years of experience in cleaning the blood stains. They take all kinds of precautions before going to field. The protection masks and gloves are used to protect themselves from harmful bacteria in the place.
  • Blood cleaning involve different stages like cleaning marks, spraying surfaces to remove biohazards and other harmful bacteria, deodorants usage to remove smell. These stages are completely taken with best care by the cleaners from the Blood Clean up C Hence these are the possible things you can know about the Blood Clean up Companies Oakland, California.

How to whitening your skin: Learning about natural processes

There are various skin complexion types- paleness to fairness, whiteness, yellowish color of skin, ruddiness that is reddish and healthy, swarthiness that is dark complexion and black skin. You should always remember that skin color will vary due to the genetic origin and that is also associated with the sunlight intensities. The question is that How to whitening your skin? It is essential to remember that melanin that absorbs the ultraviolet rays through the sun will be controlling the ultraviolet radiation amount and that would be penetrating the skin.

  • An excessive amount of ultraviolet rays will be damaging the skin and that can also cause the skin cancer. Melanin is triggered through the Tyrosinase and this is an enzyme that would create the skin color, hair shades and also eyes. There are maximum numbers of women that have a preference for the fair or white complexion and these are especially the Asians.
  • There are many of you who would go great heights to achieve that and this would not know the dark skinny people are having the large melanin concentration and would protect them as well. It is essential to protect yourself against the ultraviolet rays as well as from the skin cancer when it is compared with the fair skinny people as they are regarded as more susceptible towards the skin cancer when they are present under the sunlight exposure.
  • There are thousands of people who are facing the low self-esteem problem and they think this is mainly because of their skin color and that is dark. Perhaps, there are many of you who would feel shy and embarrassed whenever they have been spotted in public and they want to know How to whitening your skin?
  • It is essential that you should not be wasting your hard earned money on the products of skin whitening that will have no impact on your skin at all. You must be trying for the body peels as that would help in lightening your skin but ultimately you would get no result at all. There are many of you who would be constantly applying sun blocks and ensuring that skin tone does not change at all.
  • You should not think that you are alone as there are millions of people that are present around the globe and they feel that they are affected and a maximum number of them have inferiority complex feeling. It is essential to answer that how will you lighten or whiten the skin pigmentation, sun spots, acne marks or freckles?

It can be done in the natural and easy way. Melasma is regarded as the skin darkening and this is also known as the hyperpigmentation and this is due to the increased melanin production. Chloasma is the skin discoloration and this is caused by the hormones. Solar lengthiness has been used for the skin spots that are darkened and that result from the sun exposure being unprotected. It is essential to be aware that excessive usage of chemical peels is much more damaging and also have the long process of healing.

Good Qualities of The ATL Car Service

With any service or product provider there are certain good qualities that users of the products or service get to acknowledge.  This is what typically service providers like seek to capitalize on.  The very complicated rules that most brand building exercises make out to be ensure that user experience is at the forefront of qualities that promote a particular business.

By quality experience it can be broken into a few sub categories which can be further developed to ensure greater control and responsiveness of the business practices to external stimuli.

The need to be user friendly

The ability to be user friendly means a number of things as people who regularly use a transport service would tell out.  It is on most counts the need to be within easy reach that first gets consideration in saying that a service needs to be user friendly.  This can be achieved in a number of different ways and it is the sum total of a complete experience that finally gives the position of being friendly to use or not.

It is often a stumbling area in payment systems that could often give rise to conflict.  The added factor of currency conversions that most airports have to handle only add to the complexity of situations, particularly an international airport.  The advent of digital payment platforms does bring in a large amount of transparency and flexibility in operations. It is often the best accepted and used options that get to be used at most occasions and the convenience cannot be told in words.

With the blessings that most people and more frequent flyers than anyone else, come to experience in getting to use digital platforms in affecting payments ensure that the old cash economy is more or less redundant in modern airports and transition areas.  Not just the convenience part but the practicalities of being able to handle different currencies are all to be experienced firsthand.

The key to be prompt with ALT car service

Nothing can be more vexing than to have a cab service turn up late than the appointed time.  This not just puts the spanner in the smooth flow of activity but does at times cause serious disruptions as well.  There have even been instances of flights being missed out on due to the inability of cab drivers to report on time to pick up a client.

That air line schedules are complex enough that they do not wait or pause for anyone are a well known fact.  It is for the users of the system to make sure that every effort is made to keep timings of flights and their arrival too.

No cab driver would admit to his mistake to keeping irregular times to arrive at a place to pick up a customer.  Thus reputations are made in the short time as well as the longer time spans by the ability to stick to correct timings during both the departure of and the arrival of flights.