Maintaining, sharpening a bowie knife- How to do it?

It is easier to sharp these Damascus bowie knives, you only need to know the correct technique to do so. At times, to maintain and to sharpen a bowie knife, it does come out a challenging task even for most of the experienced people. Note that any kind of bowie knives, they require and need a regular sharpening. You can use a whetstone or you can go for commercial sharpening kit to sharpen these knives. You will need oil, whetstone, professional in form sharpening kit and dishwashing liquid to sharpen your knife. Below are complete instructions to carry out this sharpening process:

Inspecting angle of your edge

First, you have to carry out the inspection of the angle of your edge.  As soon as you are ready to sharpen a bowie knife then you need to duplicate the angle as much closely as possible. If you think that it is necessary then you can also use a professional sharpener. This professional sharpener comes with angle increments.

Placing blade of your bowie knife right on whetstone

Now you have to place this blade of your bowie knife right on the whetstone and that too at some appropriate angle. Before you start this process to do the sharpening of your bowie knife, you have to ensure that this whetstone of yours has been lubricated properly. If not then you can lubricate it with an appropriate solution. This lubrication is important, otherwise, Whetstone will destroy edge of your knife.

Exerting and putting pressure on your knife

After this, you have to exert and put up pressure on your bowie knife. Just try to draw it right along the whetstone. Now just flip blade of your knife over and have an inspection of its angle, sharpen it. You should be making two passes on each and every side. Try to switch sides and then you can repeat this sharpening process.

Testing your knife edge

Now you can test the edge of your knife by just cutting it through on a piece of paper. If that paper will not going to be crumpled, then your bowie knife has been properly and completely sharpened. Do not over-sharpen your bowie knife, it can then make its edge little bit of brittle. Do wash up the whetstone with some dishwashing fluid.

To sharpen your Damascus folding knives, this is the same process which you need to carry and follow. This is an easy procedure by which you can regularly maintain and sharp any kind of knives of yours.